Beekeeper Christina

Beekeeper Christina is 30 years old and is living together with her boyfriend Micha, 38 years old. Together they run a small apiculture located in Neuhardenberg, oost Brandenburg. Their apiculture is established on a beautiful location with landscapes filled with flowers, plants and animals.

Christina: “A perfect location for our bees. From the early spring till late autumn there are many varieties of different flowers and trees that give nectar and pollen for the bees. Besides bees and flowers, there are tons of different insects to be found, like wild bees, bumblebees, beetles, butterflies, spiders, etc. Almost every day we find new small inhabitants and that is what we enjoy!  But there is more life than just insects in the fields there are deer, bears, rabbits, racoons, bats and many types of birds to be found. This makes us feel very connected and in harmony with nature.     Six years ago Micha started keeping bees and I started five years ago. Before this we worked both at a large apiculture in Brandenburg and this is where we realised rather quickly that we had found are passion: be beekeepers according to the guidelines of Bioland. Three years ago we started our own apiculture. It all started with 30 beehives and at the moment we are operating with 150 beehives with strong and vital bees. They produced a total of 8600kg of honey. Most of the hives are placed behind linden trees. And the goal for next year is to start off with 260 beehives. The hives are placed in three different areas, rapeseed, acacia, and linden trees located in Brandenburg and Berlin. Another goal for next year is to also place the bees near to sunflower fields and or heathfields.

The warehouse of Christina and Micha is shared with three other beekeepers, which offers them amazing opportunities to share knowledge, experience and tools with each other. This helps to ease to process for all of the beekeepers. The beehives are not shared with each other but by helping each other with any issues occurring a real friendship has grown.