Beekeeper Claudia

The apiculture of Claudia is a family business and founded by her father. The passion for bees and beekeeping has started in the 70’s with a total of thirteen beehives.  Meanwhile the company has grown to a total of 2.000 beehives and still enjoys it every day to learn about the live, the behaviour,  nutrition and the production of our bees.  As well as the part of managing and a strict controlling process for illnesses that might occur. Besides all that we are trying to involve an audience as big as possible for our company.

At the apiculture they want to contribute to the pollination of flowers within the surrounding area for important flower fields in El Salvador. The bee population is a clear indicator of this. Besides that they are working together with a few more beekeepers in El Salvador to increase their economic well-being together. Most beekeepers in El Salvador are given a chance for a better living by having this job. Currently Claudia is working together with her brother busy with expanding the company, for example by expanding to other  countries and having (personal) contact with the beekeepers over there. The company offers the other partnered beekeepers materials to contribute to their vision:       “increasing the honey production for the small, medium and large sized apicultures. To give all the beekeepers a fair chance to change their economic situation.„

“We consider the bees as an important part of our team, they need our attention every day. That is why we are thinking about reforestation of our small countries because the bees are in need of this.„

Since 2007 we are supporting the society “Cadena de la Miel de El Salvador„, we work together with beekeeping colleagues and give trainings in for example beekeeping techniques, company management for the smaller organizations, nutritional tips for the bees. Inside the society we are the representatives of the beekeepers from El Salvador and are working together with the ministry of agriculture to acquire a consistent education programme. Besides that we are a member of organizations that organizes congresses, we are here to represent El Salvador. Because of this we have access to a lot of information that we share with our beekeepers: we have special trainings where we invite experts, like technical engineers originating from different countries. Every month we have short meetings with a group of beekeepers to get updated  about the knowledge that there is currently available about the bees.