Our honey

De Traay combines its traditional beekeeping with modern honey processing, resulting in a beautiful range of quality honey. Whether it's a linden honey with a hint of mint, a fresh acacia honey or a lavender honey from Provence. We make sure that all these delicious types of honey are on your table.

Our honey is tasted, inspected and filled with passion in the Flevopolder. We have now had our own beekeeping for more than 30 years. The daily interaction with our bee colonies still forms the basis for the craftsmanship with which the Traay honey is made.

To minimize the burden on the environment, De Traay buys as much honey as possible from regional European beekeepers. However, we cannot avoid getting some honey from far away (Argentina or Mexico) because there are still large untouched nature reserves there and specific species grow such as the tea tree tree (Manuka) in New Zealand.

What is honey?
Honey is a genuine natural product. It is a sweet, clear liquid made by honey bees from the nectar of flowering plants, trees and shrubs. It takes a bee about 20,000 wing beats to collect a liter of nectar, which will eventually produce 150 grams of honey. Because of their collecting zeal, the bees perform an important feat in nature: when they fly from blossom to blossom in search of nectar, they fertilize these blossoms and thereby contribute to the conservation of many plant species.

Honey is a pure, natural and high-quality food. It is easily digestible and can also be used as a beauty and medicine and is free of bacteria. Honey contains calories, approximately 320 kcal (1340kJ) per 100 grams, which can be converted directly into energy (very popular among athletes).

Cream or liquid
Honey is naturally liquid. After a few weeks or months, honey can begin to crystallize. This is mainly due to the content of natural grape sugars (glucose), which crystallize quickly. The rate of crystallization is further determined by the water percentage, the preparation and the temperature: the higher the temperature, the slower the honey crystallizes. To make crystallized honey liquid again without loss of quality, the honey can be heated to a maximum of 40ยบ Celsius, then the enzymes are preserved.

Cream honey is finely crystallized honey, but then a really creamy honey that has been created through controlled processes, the stirring of liquid honey with crystallization nuclei.