Our processing

Our processing

Before our honey is in the shops, an extensive process has already preceded it. Have you ever wondered what our honey is checked for? And what quality requirements must our honey meet?

When we buy the honey from our beekeepers, we receive a test sample. Various quality aspects are dealt with, such as;

The ratio of fructose and glucose
Liquid honey contains a lot of fructose (eg acacia honey), cream honey contains a lot of glucose (eg rapeseed honey). We check whether the ratio of fructose and glucose corresponds to the quality we have purchased.

Pollen analysis
An independent laboratory checks whether there is enough pollen in the honey, so that we can name the type of honey (for example, Lime honey).

Presence of pesticides and antibiotics
We check our honey for the presence of pesticides, antibiotics and other residues.

We test the honey for color, smell, colour, taste, moisture content, diastase, HMF (freshness of the honey), counterfeits and microbiology. If the samples are approved, the honey is actually purchased.

When the raw honey arrives, we carry out a new random check, whereby approximately half of a honey batch is checked again.

After quality approval, the honey can be processed. The drums with honey are emptied successively, whereby the honey passes through a filter system and “foreign product„ materials (such as bees) are filtered out. This preserves pollen and important nutrients. A semi-finished product is then created, which is also tested for smell, color and taste, among other things. In addition, a crystal check is carried out: crystals may only be present in cream honey, as this is a finely crystallized honey.

If everything is approved, the honey goes to the filling department, where the honey ends up in the jar. The end product is subject to a critical check and then the honey is allowed to go to the store. So nothing is added to our honey. The beekeepers we work with meet high standards and are regularly assessed for quality and working methods. So enjoy our 100% natural honey.

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