Our standards

We believe in products that are as unprocessed as possible and in this way, strive to stimulate healthy nutritional patterns. We try to stay as close as possible to nature and offer pure honey, without needlessly processing a natural product packed with healthy goodness as provided by the earth itself!

We work together with professional beekeepers
Our partner beekeepers meet high standards. We need to be sure that our honey is of the best possible quality and that the beekeeper takes the living environment of people, bees and plants into account. We ensure that valuable nutrients are preserved in our honey.

How is this done?

Honey processing takes place at low beehive temperatures, 40 degrees Celsius at the maximum.

Our set honey is grafted and stirred, producing a good quality cream in the course of a few weeks.

The honey is filtered in a way that removes any contamination, but ensures that natural components like nutritious pollen grains are preserved.

We meet high quality requirements
In cooperation with SKAL (the sole organic inspection body of the Netherlands, introduced by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs), we set up the EKO honey guidelines. Our processing procedures and end-products are subject to high quality requirements and we like to be actively involved throughout.

We work according to the official HACCP guidelines (a guarantee system which among other things guarantees food safety) and de Traay is BRC 8 certified. The combination of passion and quality care gives de Traay’s honey its delicious taste! 

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