Frequently asked questions

Why does honey crystallize in the pot?
All sorts of honey are inclined to crystallize after a while. This is mainly due to it’s natural glucose content and nothing to do with the quality or shelf-life. Warm the honey to maximum 40ºC by 15 minutes au bain-marie, or on the heating. (NOT in the microwave!*) and the honey will return to its former liquid form.  
* Important components such as enzymes, vitamins and amino-acids will otherwise be lost.

Is sugar added to honey?
No! Honey allready contains enough natural sugars and is a 100% natural product, free of additives. Honey is, in fact, increasingly used as a substitute for refined sugar.

How can I best store honey?
Honey should ideally be kept at room temperature (19ºC.) in a dark and dry space, in a closed pot.  Liquid honey can be stored a little warmer (21-22ºC.) than set honey, but this is not strictly necessary.

How long can I keep honey?
Honey does not really go off, but it will get darker in the course of a year. The official, legal shelf-life of honey has been set at 2 years.

What is the difference between organic EKO-honey and non-EKO-honey?
EKO honey is honey that has been issued the EKO label by an independent organization (SKAL). This organization monitors the origin of the honey (whether it's from organically working beekeepers, has been produced in an unspoilt natural environment, bee diseases are combatted by natural remedies), its production processes and the end quality. All honey however, both EKO and non-EKO, is completely natural and free of additives!

What is the brown layer at the top of a pot of set honey?
The storage temperature you kept the honey at may have been slightly too high and melted the top layer.  Give the honey a good stir and it will look and taste as good as ever.  

What is the white layer at the top of a pot of liquid honey?
These are air bubbles. Honey contains tiny air molecules which are trapped in the honey and after some time, float to the top. Give the honey a good stir and it will regain its smooth consistency.

How healthy is honey?
Honey is not just tasty, it is also healthy, as are other bee products such as royal jelly, propolis and pollen. Honey is a natural foodstuff with no additives. Honey has a high energy value and is therefore especially good for children, older people and sportspeople. Honey is also great to use if you have a cold. It is furthermore an effective antibacterial agent for the treatment of wounds.

Why can’t babies under 12 months consume honey?
Honey is not pasteurized as this would affect its natural composition. As with raw milk cheese for example, in rare cases, traces of botulism may occur. Children from one year old upward and adults effectively neutralize these traces, but infants have not yet built up sufficient resistance.
We therefore advise you that honey is not suitable for babies under one year old.
De Traay honey is randomly tested for botulism.

Where can I buy de Traay honey?
De Traay honey can be purchased in virtually any health food store in the Netherlands and generally also in Belgium.