Our philosophy, our passion

We believe in products that are minimally processed and aim to promote a healthy diet in this way. We like to stay close to nature and want to offer pure honey without unnecessary processing, as nature already provides it delicious and healthy! The founder of Traay, Wouter Vuyk, has been practicing organic beekeeping for more than 30 years and played a significant role in the development of guidelines for organic honey.

The BIO label gives you the assurance that:

  • Bees fly in nature reserves or on the land of organically working farmers.
  • Bees fly in areas where there is no industry, traffic/highways within a radius of 3 km, and no chemical pesticides are used.
  • Bees overwinter with their own honey.
  • Any bee diseases are treated only naturally.
  • Honeycombs and hive parts are not chemically disinfected.
  • Honey is tested for residues of antibiotics, pesticides, and heavy metals.
  • Honey is guaranteed to come from non-genetically manipulated plants.

100% sustainable
Next to the building, a beautiful bee garden has been set up, and more than 150 solar panels have been installed on the roof. Traay processes its products using 100% sustainable energy. Sustainability is crucial for Traay; it means that we are an organization that respects humans, animals, and the planet. Based on this conviction, we work on long-term relationships with suppliers and employees.

The origin of our honey
The beekeepers and cooperatives we collaborate with are regularly assessed for their methods, honey extraction, and storage. Additionally, we strive to offer as much organic honey as possible. To minimize environmental impact, Traay prefers to purchase from European apiaries. However, we cannot avoid sourcing some types of honey from afar because there are still large untouched natural areas there.